John Wells

Shayla Hope

Lake Tahoe Director of Sales and Marketing 

Shayla has been serving her clients in the luxury real estate industry since 2003.  Her diverse portfolio of experience encompasses a wide range of real estate products across multiple prestigious markets giving her a competitive edge that enables her to provide clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach to marketing. 

From residential properties in the coveted locales of La Quinta, San Diego, and Tahoe to land transactions within the esteemed British Virgin Islands, Shayla’s extensive repertoire reflects her profound understanding of various markets and product types. Her unique experiences equip her with knowledge that allows her to navigate the intricacies of the marketing process, enabling her to astutely leverage each property’s potential and secure the highest and most favorable outcomes for her discerning clientele. 

As an unwavering professional in fiercely competitive markets, Shayla distinguishes herself as a forthright leader, consistently delivering exceptional results that surpass expectations and set new standards of excellence. Her integrity and remarkable track record have solidified her exceptional reputation, as she consistently earns the trust and satisfaction of her clients.

She currently serves clients in the Lake Tahoe basin and surrounding areas while also proudly representing the prestigious and unparalleled community of Tahoe Beach Club.