IMI Announces $250 Million in Sales in 2016

Who We Are

Since 1990, IMI has been a leader in the luxury real estate industry. Working closely with premier real estate developers and through key strategic alliances, we have helped create some of the most recognized luxury real estate communities in North America and the Caribbean. Through our integrated sales…

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What We Do

For well over 20 years, IMI has been a leading luxury resort real estate marketing and sales firm, introducing the world’s most unique and desirable private clubs and resort communities to affluent buyers who trust the IMI brand.
Through a continuously proven model of integrating sales and marketing of luxury…

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Past Projects

Since its 1990 inception, IMI has been privileged to apply its unique and time-tested model of luxury real estate sales and marketing to 78 projects, which has resulted in $7.6 billion in closings. From Vail to Scottsdale, Charleston to Tahoe, and Kauaʻi to Cabo, trusted developers have called on IMI to bring our acumen to bear…

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Current Projects

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Resort Living
Espiritu Zoom in Read more
El Mangroove Zoom in Read more
El Mangroove
Puerto Papagayo Zoom in Read more
Puerto Papagayo
Caye Chapel Zoom in Read more
Caye Chapel
Summit Sky Ranch Zoom in Read more
Summit Sky Ranch
Four Seasons Anguilla Zoom in Read more
Four Seasons Anguilla
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Tahoe Beach Club
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Exclusive IMI Listings
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